Comfort and Care  - Support in Labor and Post Partum
Welcome to my site about doula care and congratulations on your pregnancy!

My name is Sue Gottschall, and I'd like to tell you about the doula care and support that I provide.

What does a doula do? 
The word "doula" comes from   the Greek word meaning caregiver

My goal is to care for and support you and your partner in having the kind of childbirth you desire.

As your Birth Doula, I would: 

Meet with you and your labor partner prenatally to discuss your ideas about labor and delivery and to make a Birth plan and Post Partum plan.

Come to your home or the hospital when your labor begins, and stay with you until the baby is born and you are settled comfortably with
your baby.                   

Assist you during labor and delivery with:
  •  Relaxation techniques
  •  Massage
  •  Different positions to facilitate labor progress    
        and delivery
  •  Applications of heat or cold
  •  Acupressure and counter pressure for pain
  •  Use of a birth ball
  •  Use of a shower, bath, or birthing tub
  •  Information about the choices you will make    
  •  Emotional support 

Provide information on breast feeding and support you in getting started breast feeding immediately after your baby's birth.

Visit with you 1-2 days after the birth to review your birth experience and to discuss any questions you have about the post partum period
and your baby. 

Remain available by phone in the post partum period for any questions or concerns that you might have about your recovery or your baby.

Research has shown many benefits from doula care.
They include:
  •     Decrease in cesareans
  •     Decrease in labor duration
  •     Decrease in pitocin, narcotic and epidural usage
  •     Decrease in post partum depression
  •     Increase in parental feeling of empowerment
         and confidence during labor and afterwards
  •      Increase in breastfeeding
  •     Increase in the father's involvement with the    
        birth and afterwards
  •     Increase in mom-baby early bonding

*All of the things that I do as a doula are non-medical.  I work with other members of your birth team to assist you in having a safe and satisfying birth experience.

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Post Partum Care

As a Post Partum Doula, my goal is to help you get the rest and nourishment you need to be able to recover quickly and to care for your baby.  I would
come to your home to assist with the following:

  •     Providing information on baby care
  •     Providing information on post partum recovery
  •     Providing emotional support and comfort
  •     Creating quiet and space for you to sleep/rest
  •     Caring for siblings
  •     Providing meals
  •     Running errands
  •    Doing laundry     

Please feel free to contact me about Birth Doula services or post partum services

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