Comfort and Care  - Support in Labor and Post Partum
Sue Gottschall

I am an experienced Birth Doula certified by Doulas of North America CD(DONA) and have completed my training as a Post Partum Doula.

I have additional training in breast feeding.

I teach childbirth education courses following a Centering model.

I have completed Lamaze and Bradley Childbirth Classes and attended childbirth classes at hospitals.

I live in Chicago and work in Chicago and the near suburbs.

I hold a masters degree in Child Development and have worked for many years as a teacher and therapist. 

I have four grown children, two grandchildren, and a husband who is very tolerant of my odd working hours due to the fact that many labors begin at night.

I have a strong belief that every woman who wants a doula, should be able to have one.  For this reason I work with each couple to have them determine what they can afford for doula care.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the possibility of becoming your doula. 


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